The Best Free Sewing Patterns 2021

Here’s your 2021 roundup of the best free sewing patterns from top sewing patterns companies around the world. Links are direct to the original patterns for ease of use.

Following on from my Best Free Sewing Patterns 2020 blog post here’s my roundup for 2021.

As before, I’m linking directly to the original pattern on the sewing pattern company’s website for ease of use. So many “free” patterns on the internet result in wild goose chases and often don’t end up being free, or even existing. This post (and my Pinterest board) is here to help. Everything mentioned has been link checked this year and won’t send you on a hunt across the internet! These patterns are all actually free (although, you might have to subscribe to newsletters to access them), and definitely exist at the time of writing.

Whilst my Pinterest board has over 300 free patterns, I’m not going to mention them all here, nor am I going to feature any that I mentioned in last years’ post (I’d suggest checking that out for some really great free patterns!).

Free Sewing Patterns – Tops:

Free Sewing Patterns – Dresses:

Free Sewing Patterns – Bottoms:

Free Sewing Patterns – Jackets & Outerwear:

Free Sewing Patterns – Mens:

Free Sewing Patterns – Kids:

Free Sewing Patterns – Accessories, Underwear & Pyjamas:

Resources for Free Sewing Patterns:

Each of these websites have plenty of free sewing patterns for every section of your me-made wardrobe. Most are available in standard and plus sizing

Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board with over 300 free sewing patterns! You can also check out my posts for Plus Size Sewing Patterns and Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns for more sewing inspiration.

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