Top Sewing Patterns for Autumn/Winter 2020

Browsing through Instagram, you get the feeling that sewing is somewhat of a summer sport. Everyone loves, and relishes in making summer dresses, cute tops and flowy skirts.

But now we’re entering Autumn, I thought it was about time I do some research on Autumn/Winter appropriate sewing patterns. Click through for some of my favourites and my own A/W 2020 sewing plans.

Now that we’ve hit mid-September, I feel that I can finally start thinking about Autumn/Winter sewing plans. I’m firmly in the camp that loves all things Autumn/Winter, from cosy jumpers and knitwear, to snuggly blankets and hot chocolate. I know, what a stereotype.

So, to get in the Autumnal mood, sewing-wise, I’ve put together a few of my favourite patterns that I’ve found when doing a bit of research. Of course, A/W (or maybe S/S) temperatures where you are will sway certain patterns more than others for you. But here’s some that took my fancy for fickle UK temperatures. My main criteria for these patterns are sleeves, can be worn with tights and/or is cosy.

I’ll also leave my personal A/W sewing plans at the end, including fabric choices.




Coats and Jackets

My A/W Sewing Plans

I’m trying to be a bit more considerate about what I’m making going forwards; thinking about the types of clothing and colours I actually wear. I’ve made a few things this summer that I would never buy and will likely sit unworn in my wardrobe.

In my professional life (pre-COVID), I wore a lot of blouses and shirts in either light or dark colourways. I never wore much colour, and that’s what I’m sticking with as you can see from my fabric swatches. Casually, I like things that I can wear with blue or black jeans, that can be both dressed up or dressed down.

I rarely wear dresses anymore so I’m trying to not buy or make many dress patterns at the moment – they wouldn’t get worn, whereas a few a-line, or mini-ish skirts will definitely be worn with tights once the cooler weather finally arrives. I do plan to make one dress though, a simple tea dress that can be worn casually and made super cosy with a big knitted cardigan.

I’m also trying to think practically. We’re still spending a lot of time at home, and COVID restrictions are tightening again in the UK, so I don’t want to make too many fancier items that will go unworn.

My biggest issue with these planned makes, though, is that they can’t really be worn together – I didn’t really think through my plans enough to create a cohesive mix and match collection. This is something that I’m going to focus on more when starting to plan for SS21.

One other thing that isn’t on my list is to try working with jersey and stretch materials for the first time. I have a RTW 3/4 length t-shirt that I absolutely love and is on it’s last legs. The TATB Agnes or SOI Audrey would work perfectly for this. Here’s to hoping I can replace my favourite top…

What are your plans this AW?

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