What to do With Fabric Offcuts, Scraps and Remnants

If you’ve made a few (or many) garments before, chances are you’ll have a bag, box or bin full of scraps and offcuts that are too small to make another garment.

Or, perhaps, you only bought a metre of fabric, a bolt end or a remnant, and now you’re stuck for ideas?

Read on for patterns and tutorials for small fabric requirements.

One of the things nobody tells you when you start sewing is the sheer amount of waste created. Between paper waste from cutting out patterns, and fabric waste from unusable offcuts and small remnants, the waste is unbelievable.

But instead of throwing away your offcuts, or even sending them for fabric recycling, why not use them? There are plenty of patterns and tutorials (often free) around the internet that calls for small amounts of fabric – the kind left over from a cutting out your new dress, but is too small for another garment.

Sustainability in sewing has become a huge priority across the community of late. There is even an Instagram challenge happening across September (#sewyourselfsustainable / @thenewcrafthouse) dedicated to the cause. So, instead of buying new fabric this September, reach into the depths of your scrap bin and turn them into something amazing!

This past week I’ve been collating some of my favourite ways to use up scraps and remnants with everything from bags and accessories, to patchwork items, to actual garments that use surprisingly little fabric.

Bags & Accessories


Closet Core Patterns Ultimate Scrap Busting Pouff


Hobby Craft Fat Quarter Wrap Skirt


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