A Beginners Guide to UK Online Fabric Shops

A question I see a lot in Facebook groups and other sewing communities is where to buy fabric online.

Take a look at some on my favourite online UK fabric shops, with something to suit all budgets.

Being fairly new to dressmaking, I’ve never actually bought fabric in-store (unless IKEA bed sheets count…). However, I have spent many hours trawling the web for nice, affordable fabric.

Most online fabric stores will sell their fabrics by the metre or half metre, although some do sell by quarter metre/fat quarter. Be weary of this when adding to your basket so that A) you actually get the right quantity, and B) you don’t get fooled by price.

If you’re new to sewing and fabrics, the average price for a metre of basic cotton fabric will set you back between £5-£10, although you can find it slightly cheaper in some of the shops I’ve listed below. You can definitely also find it far more expensive. But avoid these expensive, fancy fabrics if you’re a beginner, learn on the cheaper stuff!

Similarly, if you’re new to dressmaking, I’d advise that you stick to woven, non-stretch fabrics like 100% cotton and linen. Perhaps viscose if you’re feeling confident.

How much you should buy depends on what you’re making. To be on the safe side, I’d recommend only buying fabric when you’ve settled on a pattern and can check the requirements/fabric type etc. But if you come across something that you just have to have, I’d go for 2-3m.

I’ll leave a roundup below of some of the better UK-based online fabric stores I’ve encountered, as well as a few places for patterns and haberdashery/notions.

For Cheap(er) Fabric:

More Pricey but Very Pretty:

Take Out a Loan Pricey:
These brands can all be found on various websites listed above.

For Haberdashery, Patterns and Other Craft Items:

Let me know if you’ve found a great fabric shop that I’ve missed. We all love a little enabling…

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