How-to: Thread a Manual Sewing Machine with Front Loading Bobbin

So you just bought a shiny new sewing machine…but how do you thread it?

Click through to learn how to thread a manual sewing machine with front loading bobbin.

Every sewing machine is different, but most will either have a top loading bobbin or a front loading bobbin. Read on to learn how to thread a front loading bobbin sewing machine.

My sewing machine is the Elna Explore 240.

How to thread your machine

  1. First, check which type of bobbin your machine uses. Mine uses metal or plastic bobbins measuring approx 20mm W X 10mm H.
  2. Next, you need to wind your bobbin using your top thread. To do this (with your top thread still on it’s spool holder) slip your thread through one of the holes on top of your bobbin, threading from the inside of the bobbin. Thread around the relevant catches on your machine, then place onto the bobbin winder. Slide the winder to the right, pull out the wheel on the side of your machine and, whilst holding the bit of thread poking out the top of the bobbin, press down on your foot pedal. Once the thread has wound around a few times take your foot off the pedal, cut the thread you’re holding, and continue until the bobbin is full. Cut the thread, put the wheel back to its original setting and slide the bobbin winder back.
  3. To thread your sewing machine, remove the thread from the catches it was using for winding the bobbin.
  4. Next, pull your thread through the hook on top of the machine, then thread down past the tension disk, and back up the other side. Loop through the catch (turn the wheel towards you to revel the catch), and thread back down the same way you came.

Thread your needle

  1. When you’ve completed the steps above, pass your thread through the loop under the body of the machine, then through the tiny loop to the side of the needle screw (always go front to back where possible).
  2. Pass the thread through the eye of the needle (again, thread from the front of the needle), then through the middle of the presser foot with the thread hanging to the back of the machine.

Thread your front loading bobbin

  1. Now it’s time to thread the bobbin. My machine has an accessories tray that removes to house the bobbin. Remove the tray and open up the bobbin house. In the centre you’ll find the bobbin case with a lever on the outside. Gently pull the lever to release the bobbin house.
  2. Place your bobbin inside the house and pull the thread through the little slit on the side of the case. Then, loop the thread through the U-shaped slit on top of the bobbin case.
  3. With the thread hanging to the right, hold the lever open and put the case back in the house. You’ll hear a slight click as it locks into place.
  4. Hold your top thread gently and turn the wheel towards you. The top thread will wrap around the bobbin thread and pull it up under your presser foot. Use a pencil or something similar sized to pull the bobbin thread up.
  5. Et voila! You’re ready to start sewing.

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