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TATB Stevie – Second Time Lucky?

…or practise makes perfect?

After my first Tilly and the Buttons Stevie went, well, not great, I decided to give it another crack. This time making the top version and using a much more suitable fabric. See how I got on…

Tilly and the Button’s Stevie Tunic was actually my second ever attempt at making clothes and, considering that, it wasn’t actually terrible. I had some issues with the neck facing and choosing a really horrible pastel yellow striped polycotton didn’t help (hospital gown vibes), but all in all it wasn’t terrible. It fits well and has firmly made it’s way into my pyjama draw.

Take two of the Stevie Tunic/Top, however, went much better than the first. I figured out where I went wrong (I cut the facing to the wrong size 🤦‍♀️) and correcting that solved all of my problems. A shiny new, ten times better sewing machine didn’t hurt either (review coming soon)!

I also made this version in a much better fabric – a cream crepe de chine from Pound Fabrics for £1 a metre! that’s still available. I bought 3m of it and have managed to squeeze three fantastic summer tops of of it. The material is obviously cheap, and the quality is never going to be that of Liberty or some of the other seen-everywhere high demand fabrics but if you take it for what it is, it’s really not bad and perfect for summer.

A quick review of the pattern:

Tilly and The Buttons are famous for creating easy to follow, beginner friendly, satisfying sewing patterns. The pattern is categorised as an easy beginner pattern on her website and I would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to start making their own clothes.

There’s nothing difficult about Stevie, and I say that as a beginner myself. You don’t need any fancy equipment (other than your machine, obviously), there are no darts to sew, no buttons if you don’t want to do them and, frankly, it’s an easy win for even the most novice sewist.

However saying that, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop your skills. I tried grading the pattern for the first time with this project to gain a better fit (worked wonders!), and also learned to sew a neckline facing and attach cuffs. These might be simple things to more advanced sewists, but Tilly writes her instructions with beginners in mind – everything is explained well and fully, and has accompanying images to help you along. She even has videos and dedicated web pages to help with trickier steps.

All in all, Stevie is the perfect beginner pattern if you want to move on from simple skirts and gain a few new skills.

So, how did take two go?

See for yourself; I think it went very well. Far better than my first attempt!

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