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I Made a Hat…

By no means is it perfect, but it’s perfectly wearable. If you have a small head…
Link to free pattern included.

Inspired by Rosery Apparel’s latest YouTube tutorial and free pattern, I decided to use up some scrap fabric to make this oversized bucket hat with major primary school vibes. (UK primary/elementary schools wear uniforms – mine was this exact shade of green gingham and I probably hat this hat at some point!).

I’d say you need around 0.5m of fabric for this project, plus a lot of time and patience. This is not a quick make, at least not for me. It has some fiddly bits (fitting the crown to the band) and some quite time consuming steps (the rows of stitching on the brim took ages!). All together, it probably took me around 3-4 hours to make but it’s a very satisfying win at the end!

As a beginner sewist myself, I’d say that the pattern and tutorial is quite beginner friendly, although some intuition is required as some steps aren’t detailed in the video; you’re seemingly expected to figure it out or watch her like a hawk (whilst also trying to sew…).

Another point to consider is that, although the name of the pattern suggests an oversized hat, it actually only relates to the brim (which isn’t that much oversized on me – maybe I have a big head?) and the actual hat itself is on the small size despite claiming to be one-size-fits-all.

My final hat is far from perfect, although is very wearable. Most people probably wouldn’t notice the mistakes as you’re walking by. However, I didn’t make this hat for myself, so fingers crossed that it fits it’s recipient and she doesn’t mind a few lumps and bumps!

Let me know if you’ve attempted a hat before – how did it go? How did you find the process compared to clothing?

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